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International Standards for Risk Management of Nanotechnology

The current issue of Nature Nanotechnology contains an interesting exchange of letters between Peter Hatto, UK industrialist and chair of ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies and two NIOSH scientists, Vladimir Murashov and John Howard. (Howard is former NIOSH director.) Murashov and Howard … Continue reading

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Big Whig History and Nano Narratives

My colleague (and nanotech course co-instructor) Cyrus Mody in the Rice History department has co-authored a very interesting piece posted at Science Progress today. He and co-author Patrick McCray of UCSB challenge the narratives and analogies used by both nanotech … Continue reading

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Safety of nanomaterials: How to make science sexy

The European Project NanoSafe2, funded under Framework Programme 6, has produced a new website called NanoSMILE whose general objectives are to 1. Contribute to stimulate nanomaterial risks understanding: how to make science sexy?2. Provide the knowledge and understanding about the … Continue reading

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