Nano Safety at the Buckyball Discovery Conference

By now you probably know that this year marks the anniversary of the discovery of C60. If not, go ahead and read all about Celebrating 25 Years of C60 Buckyball. I’ll wait…

The Buckyball Discovery Conference kicks off on Monday, October 11 with a “fireside chat” with the surviving members of the buckyball discovery team. (The Shell Auditorium doesn’t have a fireplace or, indeed, fire of any kind so we can take this to mean “panel” or perhaps “informal conversation in front of hundreds of people”. Maybe like Inside the Actor’s Studio. Or something.) Subsequent sessions feature some of the world’s top carbon nanotechnology researchers, including Millie Dresselhaus, Phaedon Avouris, and Hongjie Dai.

My session on Nanotechnology Occupational, Environmental, Health and Safety is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon from 1:30-4:40 pm. At least that’s what the schedule says. In fact we’ll have to extend that session a little because, to my great delight, pretty much everyone I invited to speak accepted. The speakers will address various aspects of toxicology, occupational practice and policy issues of engineered nanomaterials in general rather than focusing on carbon nanomaterials specifically.

As promised, here is the lineup:

  • Kenneth Dawson, University College Dublin
  • Charlie Gause, Luna Innovations
  • Chuck Geraci, Coordinator of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Nanotechnology Research Center
  • Larry Gibbs, Associate Vice-Provost for Environmental Health and Safety, Stanford University
  • Bruce Lippy, The Lippy Group (and co-author of The Nanotechnology and Hazardous Waste Worker Training paper)
  • Pam Rosett, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Walt Trybula, Texas State-San Marcos
  • [Janet Carter Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), pending]

There’s still time to register for what will prove to be a rocking good time. And while it’s still reaching daily highs of 90F (32C) here in Houston, the weather will be superb in a few weeks. Cool enough to hold a “fireside chat”. I promise.

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