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Final Program for Buckyball NanoEHS Session

A few minor adjustments have been made to the nano-EHS session at the Buckyball Discovery Conference, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Nobel-Prize winning discovery of C60 buckminsterfullerene. Here is the final program: Welcoming Remarks, me The NIOSH Nanotechnology Program: … Continue reading

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Nano Safety at the Buckyball Discovery Conference

By now you probably know that this year marks the anniversary of the discovery of C60. If not, go ahead and read all about Celebrating 25 Years of C60 Buckyball. I’ll wait… The Buckyball Discovery Conference kicks off on Monday, … Continue reading

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Celebrating 25 Years of the C60 Buckyball

Twenty-five years ago in a lab right down the hall from my office at Rice University a serendipitous discovery was made that shook the worlds of chemistry and physics. A team of five researchers was trying to recreate conditions in interstellar … Continue reading

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